Greeting students exhausted from long school hours with a warm welcome.

E-PLEX Afterschool aims to build a roadmap that supports students’ academic success so they can above and beyond. We use E-PLEX GENIUS, a specially developed study curriculum that is aligned with education standards. Each program is designed using data-driven solutions not only to support kids to reach academic proficiency and achievement levels, but also to help kids progress through school and prepare to become future leaders. All learning takes place in a safe, fun, and high-quality program that fits the needs of both parents and child.


In an attempt to combat the spread of COVID-19, schools across the country are adopting different reopening strategies for the 2020-2021 school year. Meanwhile, parents are faced with the difficult task of finding a place that will meet their child’s academic support and afterschool needs regardless of the school’s reopening circumstances. The search for the perfect fit is over. Whether you need special all-day supervision, the usual afterschool support, or something in between, we have the program for you.

E-PLEX Back to School Prep Program / K-8th Grade
Get your child back into the rhythm of a regular schedule. Students will study using our E-PLEX-exclusive ELA and Math packets and further expand their knowledge with our programs—such as book club, PBL, and art-and outdoor time.

E-PLEX Digital Learning Support Program / K-8th Grade
Students come to E-PLEX and participate in their school’s online learning while receiving all-around educational support. We organize activities around your child’s schedule to keep them productive and engaged in learning. Available Monday through Friday following the start of school.

Afterschool Program
Students get picked up from school and complete homework and study ahead using our GENIUS packets.

Hybrid Program
A combination of the Afterschool and All-day programs—pickup service and GENIUS packets on days students attend school, and distance learning support on days students learn from home.


. Screened and qualified drivers
. New and clean vehicles
. Facial recognition system for marking attendance

Homework Help

. Well trained teacher
. Quiz/test prep and review
. Excellent environment and facilities

Daily Studying

. Specially formulated curriculum
. Support for ELA and mathematics
. Long-term retention of knowledge



The E-PLEX app fosters constant communication between parents and teachers and compiles all the students’ information in one convenient place. Through the app, parents can arrange payments, sign up for programs, and receive push notifications regarding their student’s attendance and academic status.


E-PLEX uses the Multiple Intelligences Test developed by Howard Gardner, an educator from Harvard, to identify each student’s aptitudes and further apply this knowledge to support students in those interests and strengths. Weaker aptitudes will also be developed so that students are more well-rounded and able to excel in any area.


E-PLEX GENIUS is a series of practice packets that serves to reinforce old concepts and introduce new ones based on curriculum specially developed by E-PLEX R&D for each grade level. It helps students learn Math and English. Every 14 weeks, we will conduct benchmark test and provide progress reports to parents.


Project-based learning ties together science, engineering, art, and writing. For each theme, there will be a group project lasting for 8 weeks. Through this program, students will learn to discuss with others, conduct research, analyze and solve problems, and present their findings. This program will be available every Friday for afterschool students.