We are opening Summer Intensive Academic Camp to Kindergarten through 7 th grade students for 2020-2021 school year. This is a 6-week long program that runs for 6 hours a day, and we will be covering the fundamental topics in math and English of the entire school year. All the topics are based on Common Core Standard to help students review and/or prepare for the upcoming school year.

We will be complying with the Social and Physical Distancing Guidance and Healthy Practices policy provided by the Department of Social Services and the California Department of Education.

Grades: 2020-2021 K-7th
Max capacity: 4-8 Students per grade
Enrollment: Starts on 6/1, First come first serve
Program session: 6/15-7/31, 6 weeks (7/6-7/10 break)


1. All students, parents, and staffs must wear masks when coming to and leaving from the school. NO parents can come inside the school. Please wait on ‘X’ marked on the ground to maintain 6-feet social distancing in the hallway.

2. We will be performing a Health Screening every morning for all students and staffs. If the person has temperature over 99 F, is couching, is sneezing, is vomiting, has nausea, and/or has diarrhea, he or she will not be allowed into the school. The person can only return to the school after being symptom-free for at least 48 hours.

3. Students will have assigned seats with their names on the desk. Students must not sit in someone else’s seat. This policy will be strictly enforced. 4. All the seats will be placed to maintain 6-feet social distancing.

5. All teachers must wear face shields for all classes. Teachers must clean and sanitize their face shields before leaving the school.
6. All students and staffs must sanitize and/or wash their hands twice before and after using the restroom. When using the restroom, please wait for your turn on ‘X’ marked on the hallway in front of the restroom.

7. We will be constantly sanitizing all the doorknobs and desks throughout the day.

8. We will be providing individual clear dividers. Students must put their dividers on the desk before taking off the mask. For any reasons. Students must eat in their seat.

9. Students must bring their own stationary. Make sure everything has their names, and students may leave their pack of stationary on their desk. If a student doesn’t have writing utensils and/or etc., he or she cannot borrow from their classmates. They must borrow from the director. Everything will be sanitized before and after